Where you been??

boosh - Posted on 14 December 2005

So, a lot of people have been wondering where I've been lately, and what I've been up to. Well, pretty much in this order, here's what's been going on: 1) Sun (finally) laid me off. Not bad news really... Got a nice severence package which pretty much facilitated (read: funded) #'s 5,6 and 7 below. 2) Went to the U2 show in San Jose and had literally front row "seats" (we actually were standing on the floor) 3) Bought a digital camera that's pretty much already out of date 4) Built a pvr (it's like a Tivo, I call it a "freevo") 5) Went to Europe 6) Moved to San Francisco 7) Finally started looking for a job!


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