MediaDefender (RIAA shill company)

boosh - Posted on 21 September 2007

I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more (any?) mainstream press. Apparently some hackers got into "Media Defenders"' email system and 700 megs worth of email were "liberated". From the article: "MediaDefender specializes in file-sharing mitigation—practices that disrupt and deter infringing uses of P2P file-sharing networks". Included in the emails were many of the "dirty tricks" Media Defender employs to try and stop, or at least slow down, P2P downloading of music for their client. Some of these tactics are putting up fake files, and "polluting" bittorrent downloads with garbage data. One of the more interesting tacks taken by these guys was to set up a front company that invited users to upload videos and download others, at high speed. The users ip's would be logged, and the location and possibly users themselves tracked down. Apparently they even had a deal to share this info with NY state Attorney General! Many have called this 'entrapment', but I don't buy that. Sleazy? Yes. Entrapment? No. Anyway, ars technica has some of the only coverage of this. Here's the lead story to start you off.


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