Et tu, Rasmussen?

boosh - Posted on 26 July 2007

Oh sweet crap. Now Rasmussen has been kicked out of the Tour. While he didn't fail a drug test, he was apparently lying about his whereabouts for 2 months. He claimed he was training in Mexico with his (Mexican) wife, but an Italian commentator said on the air a week ago he saw Rasmussen training in Italy during that time. Italy is, of course, one of the dirtiest countries for bicycle doping... Oddly, Rasmussen shouldn't have even been in the Tour this year, as he had missed an off-season drug test during his absentia, and if Tour organizers had been informed of this, he wouldn't have been allowed to compete. Also interesting to note is that Rasmussen's team Rabobank will be allowed to continue in the race, while all of Vino's Team Astana was booted. For those keeping track at home, this puts Discovery Channel's Alberto Contador in the Yellow Jersey. Can you say worst year for cycling since the 1998 "Tour of Shame" Festina fiasco...


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