Ringleader of the Tormentors

boosh - Posted on 25 April 2006

The biggest problem in putting out your best album since you went solo from your old band is... What happens when you release your next album? It's more than likely not going to live up to your previous masterpiece, so what can you say? Well, I can say that this: 'Ringleader' is the best Morrissey album since his last album (2004's outstanding 'You are the Quarry'). But that is just to say it's a respectable follow-up to an opus. The difference is right there on the cover of the repective discs. 'Quarry' was emblazoned with Moz with a machine gun, while 'Ringleader has Moz with a violin. Inside the jewel-case, 'Quarry' was immediate and electric and engrossing. 'Ringleader' is mopey and even a bit dull. 'Quarry' had biting, scalding, relevent lyrics. 'Ringleader' has your typical gloom-rock Morrissey cliches. 'Ringleader' isn't bad, per say (and at $9.00 it's a good buy at Amazon), it's just that I got so excited about this "new" Morrissey on 'You Are The Quarry'. Great lyrics and word-play wrapped into current events and it actually sounded passionate. Ah well, at least his next album will probably also be called "the best since 'You Are The Quarry'", except it will mean just a little more. -boosh ps- Next up on the "Best album... since their last album" train? The Streets with "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living". I don't know that the new album won't be good, but "A Grand Don't Come For Free" was freaking awesome...


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