The Clear and The Cream

boosh - Posted on 23 March 2006

The expose book by two San Francisco Chronicle writers came out today. It makes such allegations as Barry Bonds took many, _many_ different steroids and human growth hormone. The book reports Barry became enraged with jealousy at the attention provided Mark McGwire as he and Sammy Sosa went for the single-season home run record. I haven't read it yet (It just came out today), so here is the Chronicle review of the book. I have read excerpts from the book, and as much as I want to believe Barry's story that he never (knowingly) took any steroids, the book and it's premises does seem to make sense. Barry has always had a tumultuous relationship with the local media, and this is surly not going to help. ps- Barry is alo reportedly suing the authors of said book.


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