boosh - Posted on 22 March 2006

My MCE PVR screwed up and didn't record "Sons & Daughters" tonight. We were watching Scrubs and taping the two "Sons & Daughters" episodes. Sucks that we were watching a sit-com that is past it's prime instead of an up-and-comer that seems primed to take the torch from a pretty much now defunct Arrested Development (RIP). I'm really warming up to S&D. It seems to borrow heavily from Arrested, but who cares? Also the main character (Cameron) at times seems to be channeling Steve Carell from The (American) Office. Not in a bad way. Many of the other characters could blend in well in the Bluth world. Random Thought: God it's refreshing to have (sit)comedys out there without laugh-tracks. We've hopefully come a long way from the day when network execs insisted on putting a laugh-track in M*A*S*H (huh??). Other Random Thought: Love seeing the "O-Face" guy from Office Space"Office Space" getting some work! He's great as "Whitey" in Sons & Daughters.


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