boosh - Posted on 26 January 2006

Wow- so to add insult to injury, the Major League Soccer San Jose Earthquakes first left town for Houston, and now have come up with the dumbest name since, well the dumbest name since the last professional sports team came to Houston (the Texans). The newest MLS team is the 'Houston 1836'...

1836? I believe that would make their full formal name the 'Houston Houston 1836'. Not "ers" at the end (a la 76ers, 49ers) just the 1836. Actually, not even the 'the' part; just 1836.

If your wondering (and if you didn't assume) 1836 was 1) the year of the Alamo, 2) the year Texas declared independence from Mexico/Spain 3) the founding of Houston (duh) and most importantly 4) the year Martin Van Buren defeated William Henry Harrison for President of the United States.

OK, Texas, we get it. You're proud of your state. I'm just waiting for the Texas Rangers MLB team to change it's name to the Texans. Then you'd have the ULTIMATE Texas team: the Texas Texans! It's what everytone in Texas wants to see anyway, isn't it?
Anyway, I do, however, like the new logo, although that was designed in New York City... NEW YORK CITY??! The logo _is_ pretty slick though.

ps- for other fun facts from the year 1836, you can check the wikipedia.


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