Yo! MS Raps

Wow. This is just plain awful. Even for Microsoft. Even for the early nineties. Awful. The main "rapper" must be out there PRAYING this thing doesn't get too popular...

Bill Walsh — 1931-2007

Bill Walsh — 1931-2007 Thanks for the memories, Coach. You'll always be the Genius to us.

Et tu, Rasmussen?

Oh sweet crap. Now Rasmussen has been kicked out of the Tour. While he didn't fail a drug test, he was apparently lying about his whereabouts for 2 months. He claimed he was training in Mexico with his (Mexican) wife, but an Italian commentator said on the air a week ago he saw Rasmussen training in Italy during that time. Italy is, of course, one of the dirtiest countries for bicycle doping... Oddly, Rasmussen shouldn't have even been in the Tour this year, as he had missed an off-season drug test during his absentia, and if Tour organizers had been informed of this, he wouldn't have been allowed to compete. Also interesting to note is that Rasmussen's team Rabobank will be allowed to continue in the race, while all of Vino's Team Astana was booted. For those keeping track at home, this puts Discovery Channel's Alberto Contador in the Yellow Jersey. Can you say worst year for cycling since the 1998 "Tour of Shame" Festina fiasco...

Oh Vino...

Alexandre Vinokourov tested positive for a banned blood transfusion after winning last weekend's time trial. David Millar's response pretty much sums it up for me: "Jesus Christ, I'm speechless." I mean, WTF? We're just trying to get through ONE clean year here. Just ONE! Last year was going pretty well (if you don't count Operation Puerto) until that whole Floyd Landis debacle. Who won last year's Tour anyway? The world may never know. There is the problem of these guys pretty much being guilty until proven innocent. Vino's 'B' sample hasn't even been tested yet! What happens in the albeit unlikely chance that the 'B' sample comes back negative? He and his team have already left (been kicked out of) the Tour! "Uh, sorry about that. See you guys next year!" On the other hand, if you delve into the shady, shady recent past of the sport, you may come to the conclusion that the riders have brought it upon themselves. And I'm not talking about Lance. If anything all of these more recent positives only strengthen his claim that he was always clean. He never even produced a 'false positive' in during his 7 year winning streak. However, the Tour officials probably have it right. First on the agenda is cleaning the sport up, then we can worry about 'rights' and 'fairness'. Get that ONE clean year and then build off of that. Guess we'll have to wait until next year. The real question is: What the hell are these guys thinking?? Do they think they're going to get away with doping in this day and age? And... blood transfusions? That's one of the oldest tricks in the book... At least Tour officials are TRYING. Although it kills the (former) sportsman in me to think that maybe Floyd is/was clean. The stage he rode last year to put him in the yellow jersey for good was epic. On of the best stages EVER. If he's being prosecuted unfairly, that's terrible. And the problem is unless Floyd was dirty and admits it, we'll never know for sure. It's hard to positively prove that you didn't do something. And Vino- his blood "contained an imbalance of young and old blood cells". Could this have been caused by the crash and subsequent bleeding during the time trial? He also had about 60 stitches when he crashed earlier in the week, and I'm sure there was a lot of blood loss there too. Knowing nothing about this stuff, his body would have regenerated new blood, and therefore had "young blood cells" right? I'm sure we'll all learn more than we want to about it over the next few days, just like we did with the testosterone / epitestosterone test.

Robot Chicken Star Wars

This is hilarious. Robot Chicken did a whole half-hour of Star Wars riffs (they even got Lucas' approval!) This is the best one: div#main{overflow:visible;} You can see the whole episode here: Adult Swim.com -boosh


I'm sure somehow Dubya is to blame for this:
Ex-Enron officials get probation after cooperating
Nice. Help defraud a state of 42 BILLION dollars, help send the country into a recession, and get: 2 years probation and a $10,000 fine. That about evens the score, right?

That's Not Classy, San Diego

Just months after expressing support for their head coach, the San Diego Chargers fired Marty Schottenheimer. I guess someone has to take the fall for da Chaga's losing in their first game of the playoffs. Still, not classy, San Diego. Not classy, Dean-o.
Source: Marty odd man out

My Hero

This guy is my hero! Of course I wouldn't recommend writing this on any checks to S.F.'s DPT, but everyone in San Francisco has considered it... Man May Get Jail for Ticket Expletive -boosh P.S.- I can understand being mad about the parking signs being gone, but the ticket was for $10??? Here in The City a street sweeping violation is $40! And a parking meter violation is $50! Now that is a "BULL (expletive) MONEY GRAB."

First Impressions of... 2006

So The Strokes recently (03 Jan, 2006) released a new album to a wave of absolutely no press at all. The surprising thing is... it's actually pretty good. I sound surprised because, if you will recall, The Strokes we're "Rock's (Newest) Greatest Hope" back when "Is This It" was released, and that title is usually a kiss of death. (Think The Stone Roses). Now, unlike the 'Roses, The Strokes came out with a second album within 4 years of their first (it was actually about 2 years later). "Room On Fire" was not a great leap forward artistically, in fact it was almost identical to "Is This It". But at least it got made and was a solid album (yeah, I'm talking to you, Ian Brown!). Anyway, the new album is a nice step forward for the band. The opening track "You Only Live Once" starts much like many other Strokes songs, but the lyrics seem stronger, and the band (notorious for being on the "loose" side) is very tight and together. It's a very strong start to the album. The second track "Juicebox" is the first single (I believe) and is actually _not_ one of my favorites. The opening guitar riff just seems kind of cliche. Props to the band though, as the track definitly does not sound like _anything_ from the band's first two albums. First Impressions then settles down to form a solid core for the album. 'Razorblade' and 'On the Other Side' are nice power-alterna-pop, that sounds familiar, but fresh. 'Vision of Division' is a bit cliche (as the title might suggest), but is still enjoyable to listen to, especially when Julian Casablancas breaks into his pateneted sing/speak/yelll at the end. But then we get to the quite boring statement song, oh so cleverly called 'Ask Me Anything'. The answer to any and all questions, however, is "I Have Nothing To Say". This track is a response to the critics that have said Casablancas' lyrics lack substance. Not really helping his case here (yes, I understand the irony, the song is just _boring_).


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