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Ringleader of the Tormentors

The biggest problem in putting out your best album since you went solo from your old band is... What happens when you release your next album? It's more than likely not going to live up to your previous masterpiece, so what can you say? Well, I can say that this: 'Ringleader' is the best Morrissey album since his last album (2004's outstanding 'You are the Quarry'). But that is just to say it's a respectable follow-up to an opus. The difference is right there on the cover of the repective discs. 'Quarry' was emblazoned with Moz with a machine gun, while 'Ringleader has Moz with a violin. Inside the jewel-case, 'Quarry' was immediate and electric and engrossing. 'Ringleader' is mopey and even a bit dull. 'Quarry' had biting, scalding, relevent lyrics. 'Ringleader' has your typical gloom-rock Morrissey cliches. 'Ringleader' isn't bad, per say (and at $9.00 it's a good buy at Amazon), it's just that I got so excited about this "new" Morrissey on 'You Are The Quarry'. Great lyrics and word-play wrapped into current events and it actually sounded passionate. Ah well, at least his next album will probably also be called "the best since 'You Are The Quarry'", except it will mean just a little more. -boosh ps- Next up on the "Best album... since their last album" train? The Streets with "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living". I don't know that the new a

Clerks II Trailer

The official Clerks II trailer has been released, and can be seen here:

I'm not sure how I feel about Kevin Smith revisiting Dante and Randall... Didn't he say he was done with that "Universe"? The trailer shows he has wrangled many of his old friends into the movie. We see Banky (Jason Lee) and I'm sure he can get Ben Afflek to come back.
Also- look close at the scene with Jason Lee, and you'll see he brought his "Earl" "brother" with him! That's awesome, I LOVE that guy in that show!

The Clear and The Cream

The expose book by two San Francisco Chronicle writers came out today. It makes such allegations as Barry Bonds took many, _many_ different steroids and human growth hormone. The book reports Barry became enraged with jealousy at the attention provided Mark McGwire as he and Sammy Sosa went for the single-season home run record. I haven't read it yet (It just came out today), so here is the Chronicle review of the book. I have read excerpts from the book, and as much as I want to believe Barry's story that he never (knowingly) took any steroids, the book and it's premises does seem to make sense. Barry has always had a tumultuous relationship with the local media, and this is surly not going to help. ps- Barry is alo reportedly suing the authors of said book.


My MCE PVR screwed up and didn't record "Sons & Daughters" tonight. We were watching Scrubs and taping the two "Sons & Daughters" episodes. Sucks that we were watching a sit-com that is past it's prime instead of an up-and-comer that seems primed to take the torch from a pretty much now defunct Arrested Development (RIP). I'm really warming up to S&D. It seems to borrow heavily from Arrested, but who cares? Also the main character (Cameron) at times seems to be channeling Steve Carell from The (American) Office. Not in a bad way. Many of the other characters could blend in well in the Bluth world.


Wow- so to add insult to injury, the Major League Soccer San Jose Earthquakes first left town for Houston, and now have come up with the dumbest name since, well the dumbest name since the last professional sports team came to Houston (the Texans). The newest MLS team is the 'Houston 1836'...

1836? I believe that would make their full formal name the 'Houston Houston 1836'. Not "ers" at the end (a la 76ers, 49ers) just the 1836. Actually, not even the 'the' part; just 1836.

If your wondering (and if you didn't assume) 1836 was 1) the year of the Alamo, 2) the year Texas declared independence from Mexico/Spain 3) the founding of Houston (duh) and most importantly 4) the year Martin Van Buren defeated William Henry Harrison for President of the United States.

OK, Texas, we get it. You're proud of your state. I'm just waiting for the Texas Rangers MLB team to change it's name to the Texans. Then you'd have the ULTIMATE Texas team: the Texas Texans! It's what everytone in Texas wants to see anyway, isn't it?
Anyway, I do, however, like the new logo, although that was designed in New York City... NEW YORK CITY??! The logo _is_ pretty slick though.

ps- for other fun facts from the year 1836, you can check the wikipedia.

Where you been??

So, a lot of people have been wondering where I've been lately, and what I've been up to. Well, pretty much in this order, here's what's been going on: 1) Sun (finally) laid me off. Not bad news really... Got a nice severence package which pretty much facilitated (read: funded) #'s 5,6 and 7 below. 2) Went to the U2 show in San Jose and had literally front row "seats" (we actually were standing on the floor) 3) Bought a digital camera that's pretty much already out of date 4) Built a pvr (it's like a Tivo, I call it a "freevo") 5) Went to Europe 6) Moved to San Francisco 7) Finally started looking for a job!


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